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Our website is an extension and reflection of what Artisan is as a company. We began on Canyon Road in Santa Fe in 1975. The current four owners all began as retail clerks and  have worked together for over 20 years. We have two retail stores in Santa Fe and Albuquerque that have employees who are mostly artists dedicated to their art and helping you with yours. Our website is competitively priced with other internet art material sites from much larger companies. Please visit our stores in Santa Fe or Albuquerque, call or click, and allow us an opportunity to earn your business.

Ron’s Palette

Ho, Ho, Ho and Away We Go!

The season has arrived and the Christmas spirit is in full swing at Artisan. My partners, the staff, Delphino the snake and myself would like to thank all our loyal customers for another great year! We had a lot of fun in both retail stores this year with a crazy Halloween, an informative Art Educators Night, a great Artist Materials Expo and just a whole lot of fulfilling experiences to be thankful for in this crazy art business we are all in!

Reflecting back on the year, the stronger economy seems to be adding a little life to a challenging art market. Many of the gallery owners seem to be reporting some activity and optimism for the upcoming year is strong. I personally am very thankful that I can make a living in the art business rather than selling plumbing fixtures or medical supplies…art supplies are a lot more interesting.

This is promising to be another year full of activity at Artisan. We will be hosting another Art Educators night in February, running the Vendor floor for the International Pastel Societies show this June in Old Town Albuquerque and continuing with a whole series of free demos in both stores.

I wish you the happiest of holidays and hope that you can stay on your hearts’ course this year despite all the chaos in the world trying to throw you off. Remember that gratitude for what you have puts value and meaning back where it is meant to be. Continued blessings…


Budding Artist Update


Our Budding Artists – Katie Broyles & Jonah Hoffman – are busy into their school schedules, and working hard. This month we have some examples of Jonah’s latest works. Check them out here. We’ll have more holiday presence from our Budding Artists in December.

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Artist of the Month

Meet Dave Garner.

My family was living on an army base in Baumholder, Germany. It was there, when I turned 15, that my father gave me my first camera, a 35mm Pentax Spotmatic. Once I developed my first roll of film, I was hooked. From there, I began shooting anything and everything.

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